ETT - 051 - Impulso - s​​/​​t EP

by Impulso



You know what to expect if ETT brings you a hardcore punk record! If not, have a listen to our newest edition to the ETT hardcore punk rooster.

From the ashes of SANG this in Trento based hardcore clusterbomb delivers 4 feedback drenched hardcore songs in the best way you could have in 2017! After outstanding releases by bands like BLOTTER, GAG, SIN MOTIVO, MIRROR, BIB, or DAUDYFLIN this italian maniacs continue with the weird style of hardcore we like the most at the ETT HQ.

This EP is absolutely SAVAGE. It's a crushing assault on the ears and mind. The recording is a perfect mixture of clarity and rawness. The growling distorted bass drives the sound on top of relentless drumming and fuzzed out and feedback drenched guitar work that's part classic Italian hardcore and part 'weird 2017' era HARDCORE. IMPULSO are noisy, chaotic and explosive and each track rages with anger and intensity. Guitar layers of repetition create a bed of noise when the delay infected vocals lay painfully.

The recording here is just perfect, with rich, full bass and a big, expansive sound that's still a bit raw. Listening to this over and over I've really come to appreciate how great IMPULSO are at playing at different tempos.

Each side of this EP has a faster song and one with a more mid-paced track. All are of equal quality and interest, which makes me realize that's not the case with a lot of bands. If punk bands vary their tempo at all, it's often that they implicitly privilege either slow or fast tempos, the lesser one providing little more than a necessary counterpoint to the band's dominant mode. Such is not the case with IMPULSO.

Though they're loud, fast, and 100% hardcore punk, the songs and particularly the playing feels fleshed out and lived in in a way that most hardcore bands can only aspire to. A standout debut EP by a outstandingh band. Get weird!

500 back vinyl 7"s in sleeves silkscreened by the band.


released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Erste Theke Tontraeger Mannheim, Germany

ETT is a DIY punk label dedicated to bringing you vinyl releases of your favorite punk, hardcore, powerpop and rock’n'roll bands.

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Track Name: Nessun Impulso
nessun impulso
tappatemi le orecchie
strappatemi gli occhi
cucitemi la bocca
soffocate il mio impulso
legatemi un cappio al collo
non sento
non vedo
non dico
non sento, non vedo, non dico più niente
spaccatemi i timpani
soffocate le mie urla
legatemi un cappio al collo
nessun impulso. annullamento.
non sento
non vedo
non dico
non sento, non vedo, non dico più niente.
Track Name: Tutto ti è già stato detto
ti hanno detto cosa pensare
ti hanno detto cosa dire
tutto ti è già stato detto
ti hanno detto in cosa credere
ti hanno detto di pregare
tutto ti è già stato detto
loro la chiamano vita
io la chiamo morte
tutto ti è già stato detto
Track Name: Decadenza
siamo i figli della decadenza urbana
cresciuti strisciando
in questa giungla di cemento
una gabbia chiamata progresso
labirinti di luci
clacson le nostre voci
schermi il riflesso
schermi la fine delle nostre idee
Track Name: Soffoco
nascosti dietro enormi muri di pietra
legati alle radici, appesi ai rami secchi
respirate a fatica quest’aria di noia e apatia
respirate a fatica
noia e apatia, noia e apatia
ma io no
io qui soffoco